Laboratory Results


We got the samples from Brazil on 5th this time,April,size 115x3.0x22 and 178x3.0x22,customer want to contrast the durable performance and cutting efficiency of KNIGHT series product,but let's contrast the following two product first from their factory introduction and product itselves before doing experiment.

NOTRON:Norton is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of performance engineered abrasives for technical manufacturing and commercial applications as well as general household and automotive refinishing solutions. Taking innovation and expanding it's reach to all markets, from long run production to plant maintenance operations,construction sites, autobody repair or home renovations - Norton offers 
the right products for the job.


WINKING:Winking is one of leading Asian abrasive manufacturers.Throughout the world, industrial companies , work-shops and individual users rely on the permanent high product quality.Performance, safety and reliability:these three elements are synonymous with the WINKING brand and are demanded by users from industry and construction.WINKING develops standard products for normal uses ,and special products for individual solutions for specific abrasives tasks.Development and manufacturing are part of an integrated quality management system of WINKING.Only high-quality raw material are used and all materials are tested by a strict quality control .The single manufacturing steps include a complex and safe quality check .

We introduce the strength of these companies and their market status,which can be sufficiently showed on the products.To the aspect,NORTON products have vivid label color,and more shining,which can attract customers' eyeball , galss fibre net(firenet)using 5-260K,appearance shows to be doughty,and looks more safety and durability.

KNIGHT product have less vivid label color and less shining than NORTON,but they looks clean relatively,using 6-260K net ,glass fibre shows more tight, the product intensity could reach 150M/S in the safety experiment ,in which proves these two products are produced from strength factory,so we haven't testing.

The machine used in this experiment is BOSCH WGS 20-180 , so we don't explain the engine performance there.
The cutting metal is the ususl 16MM contruction steel ,now we begin contrasting the cutting effect.
Experiment mode : two product cut the 16MM construction steel , each cutting 10 times
Judging standard : cut off time , diameter after cutting off and wasting .
There are large sparkle when cutting,but less dust,we test out the sparkle temperature splashed when cutting is very low ,which testify that the good cutting efficiency ,but this is one of the standard to test the abrasive wheel ,next we measure the actual wasting degree.
knight actual dimension 180x3.1x22.2,after cutting 10 times ,diameter 177MM,actual wasting 0.3MM, shaking a little in the experiment,with good cutting efficiency
norton actual dimension 179x3.1x22.2MM after cutting 10 times ,diameter 176MM,actual wasting 0.2MM ,haven't shaked in the experiment,with good cutting efficiency.

The testing result is satisfactory, relatively speaking ,norton product have more durable performance than KNIGHT ,but the price is the only thing that can't be satisfactory,the NORTON product always remains a high price in the market because of their brand,it can be understanded ,the pay,metarial,welfare will make the price remain high in the production nation.However , within the same procution technics KNIGHT's price will not exceed the cost of norton,because it is made in China.

Every person has their own sence ,we only make product contrast,it all depends on your decision.

The passage don't represent the WINKING'S standpoint.




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