Fine Polishing Tools

Suggested Use

Appliance Recommended operation speed(M/S)


5           10         15         20         25         30         35         40

Polishing Steel, Cast

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Polishing stainless steel

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Cast steel polishing and rough grinding

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High-temperature materials’ grinding

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Hard non-ferrous metal, titanium, bronze, alloy’s polishing

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Soft non-ferrous metals, Brass, Pure copper, Aluminum

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Hard Metal,Hard material layers,Glass,GFK

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Clearance,Grinding grain operations

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Important Operation Speed Will Affect Your Efficiency And Level Of Use

For example:
Stainless steel grinding
Cutting speed 20-25M/S
Range of speed: 7.600-9.600 R.P.M

Safety Notes
Maximum permissible peripheral speed 50M/S
To ensure personal safety, please don’t exceed the
marked maximum speed level

Red   diagonal   line    represents    the  operation
speed,which is intersected with the vertical line of tool diameter and the given operation speed.From the   intersection    point ,  the horizontal   direction   corresponds  to  the left   is   the    recommended speed.(R.P.M)

The recommendation of long and short sanding belts:

Spindle Mounted Flap Wheel

 Product Advantages




 Usage Advice

High flexibility
High abrasive ratio brought  by coated abrasive.
Even blades loss, and no residue on the work-piece.
Special structure of flap  wheel with shaft makes closer working to the work-piece.
Tools, mould and fine grinding.
Trunk, tin and difficult contact area grinding in manufacturing processing equipment.
Non-ferrous metal or light weight alloy valve and accessories precision finishing.
Perform best grinding at 15-20m/s speed. Obtain best balance of grinding ability, surface fine finishing quality, low work-piece temperature.
Different material with corresponding grinding oil can highly increase the coated abrasives working life

Affecting factors of grinding

Tool wearing and work-piece
temperature load


Material grinding ratio

  Surface roughness
Decrease grinding pressure, circular velocity and add grinding oil can low tool wearing and down temperature of work-piece To gain higher grinding ratio, suggest to use rough grit instead of increasing contacting pressure. Apply high grinding speed could gain bright and clean surface. Increasing contact pressure leads to more coarse surface.

Important Operation Speed Will Affect Your Efficiency And Level Of Use

  Safety tips:
To ensure the safety, don’t over the maximum speed marked; Ensure 15MM depth of shaft jig
Speed of spindle mounted flap wheel
Cutting speed is expressed in diagonal. The vertical line on behalf of tool diameter intersects with given cutting speed (diagonal). From the point of intersection to the horizontal direction left is the corresponding rotate speed R.P.M. of spindle mounted flap wheel and machinery.



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