There are many rhombic grain of different size with same shape on the surface of ELIMINATOR of PEGATEC. Each rhombic grain gather the new developed durable material. During use, the machine drives the disc to polishing at the speed of 11000 RPM(depend on the machine’s max speed and power). At this time, the sharp edge of 36 pieces rhombic grain on each round faces to the work-piece and conduct grinding. This special physical structure gets rid of the concave-convex on the surface of work-piece smoothly via continuous grinding.
ELIMINATOR of PEGATEC decreases 0.2mm thickness based on the standard thickness-3MM. The thickness is only 2.8MM. There are rhombic grains of different size with same shape on the surface of ELIMINATOR, the thickness of grain is only 0.1mm which cover on the base firmly. By 90°angle of cutting, frictional force generated from 36 rhombic grains cut off the work-piece quickly. Effectively cutting brings high efficiency work.


In addition to the good heat dissipation performance owned to the special physical structure of ELIMINATOR, the powerful wind generated from the high speed running of turbine shape also reject the heat quickly which shows obviously when grinding the stainless steel. Doing both of heat dissipation designing prevents secondary contamination to the workpiece. Multiple Duct System takes away the scrap iron. When use the normal abrasive discs, there are grains flying off the safety guard. However, most of the scrap iron is taken away via Multiple Duct System which ensure the safety
Hardened steels,High-alloyed steels, Structural steels, Tool steels, Tool steels, Stone,PVA, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Aluminum,Aluminium alloy.


Flap disc has more advantages than grinding wheel, with the greater amount of grinding and the required gloss finish by different grits.

PEGATEC adopt the raw material from Germany, Turkey and so on. High quality abrasive particles and special structure can satisfy the rigorous and complex grinding operation for users.

PEGATEC High Performance
PEGASTAR Universality
  • Fast Installation
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Extremely high efficiency
Application types

Find the your products according to application and material

Material Steel, Cast Steel INOX Rust, Cast Iron Cast Iron, Stone
Application Page Page Page Page
Surface Grinding 85 81-84 83
Welding Cleaning 85 81-84 83
Chamfering 85 81-84 83
De-burring 85 81-84 83
Corner Welding 85 81-84 83
Two Basic Flap Disc Designs
Type 29 Conical


  • Conical flap discs have flaps angled at 10 degrees be used on both conical and flat surfaces and may
  • The angle provides greater surface contact and as a result,tends to be the most aggressive choice
  • The best choice when speed and stock removal are primary considerations
Type 27 Flat


  • The Type 27 flap discs have a flat design and are used primarily on flat surfaces
  • The best choice for smooth finishing
  • Also available in Norton Jumbo / Merit High Density sizes with extra large flaps lasting up to 40% longer than standard flap discs
  • Choice will alsCo depend on user preference of grinding angle (severe angle will weaken the edges)

Composition of coated abrasives:

Coated abrasives can be worked for almost all types material surface. Coated abrasives are divided into dry polishing and wetpolishing.

  • Backing material
  • Bottom glue
  • Coating glue
  • Grain
  • Polishing lay

Backing material

Bonder and grain are fixed on backing material. The selection of backing material varies depending on tensile strength, flexibility, and wear-resisting. Backing material selection should take requirement of polishing into consideration. There are three kinds of PEGATEC as following:


paper backing material are usually used for wood processing industry and paint processing, a small scale in metal processing. The abrasive products of manual polishing usually consist of 70-100g/M2 grain and paper backing material. Heavy paper is used for manufacturing narrow sanding belt and wide sanding belt for stationary machine.


cloth backing coated abrasives mainly used for metal processing industry.

Vulcanized fibre paper:

different intensity vulcanized fibre paper mainly for producing different fiber abrasives discs. Hard paper is very strong, hard, and wear-resisting.


It needs different resin bond to combine abrasive grain with backing material in manufacturing coated abrasives. Firstly spray bottom glue on backing material, then spray abrasive grain on the surface, and take special technique to adjust. Then the abrasive grain and bond combine well. Bond supports abrasive grain well to bear external force and load in the processing.

Abrasives grain:

The right choice of products is very important for economic value of surface processing and technology.

Aluminium oxide:

Aluminum oxide is used for producing grain. It can change the hardness and toughness by bond and special manufacture method.

Silicon carbide:

silicon carbide is a kind of compositely produced abrasive grain. It is very sharp, low toughness, but with high hardness. Silicon material is used for titanium, aluminum, copper, stone and plastic working.


zirconium is smelting mixture of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. Zirconium is softer but with more toughness compared with aluminum oxide. High proportion aluminum oxide endows zirconium excellent self-sharpness.

Ceramic grain:

The advanced grain toughness and self-sharpness are favored by various processing industry.

Classification of grain grit:

There are provisions of different coated abrasivegrain grit in ISO6344, and meanwhile apply to FEPA standard.






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