Cutting wheels-Modern industry demand for cutting wheels

Fast, powerful, and easy


Super thin cutting wheels with the thickness 0.8mm/1.2mm and 1.6mm/1.9mm,

■ coming into being minimal burrs as the fast

■ without deviation cutting

■ Easy cutting 

PEGATEC super thin series with quite high economic efficiency for cutting bars and plates, Also Durability is extremely obvious


Specialized cutting wheels for INOX


INOX material is Increasingly important as its character of hardness and highly vulnerable to pollution as high temperature.

The technology of whole PEGATEC series was quite improved in the past 2 years, which can fast cut INOX, reduce friction extremely to abate pollution of INOX material, and also with the extremely durable performance. PEGATEC INOX series with the similar advantages for Metal as well.


Frequently-used Cutting Wheels





Frequently-used Cutting Wheels for various applications must have high safety performance and hardness of lateral impact. Both Foundry de-gating slag and cutting more depth hardness metal, only with the extremely high performance can meet.

PEGATEC provide the products with 4mm thickness, which is enough to meet the demand of maximum load cutting,

Not easy to break.

Use the big enough flange (76MM is for the machine 180mm/230mm), which improve the users security. 

Especially in using the air turbine and high-frequency angle grinding machines.


Multipurpose cutting wheels





Multipurpose cutting wheels are used in cutting different workpieces and materials.

Multipurpose cutting wheels must be suitable for the attribute of stainless steel, steel, PAV, Plastic, Aluminum, concrete, copper and other materials.  And also meet the requirements of various attribute for cutting wheels, Meanwhile guarantee the security and durability.

PEGATEC-SCISSORSHAND, provide the high load operation for various materials, which is suitable for all kinds of material application under the bad environment. And also provide the most convenience, security and economy to customers.






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